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We breed thoroughbred Arabians on a base of pure egyptian bloodlines. Our   conscientious   selection   prefers   the   correct   horse   with   its   inner   balance   and   estetic outer   look.   Our   aim   is   the   preservation   of   the   classic   Arab   horses   with   the   following attributes: Beauty,   efficiency,   expression,   typical   head,   dryness,   gracefulness,   high   tail,   robustness, best pigmentation, gentleness, elegance, philantropic nature, nobility, intelligence. Combined   with   an   exteriour   that   corresponds   to   the   race-standard,   the   ideal   riding-horse in all disciplines, breeding or just hobby. To   realize   this   high   quality-breeding,   we   only   keep   a   small   number   of   horses,   which guarantees   human   care   and   love   -   the   most   important   points   to   receive   a   horse   that   is easy to cope with. Early,   free   and   easy   we   train   our   foals   to   walk   in   the   holster.   We   care   for   their   fur   and   a professional blacksmith works on their hoofs to help them grow up in the best way. Our 7 ha pasture gives our herd the necessary feeling of freedom.
Bettina Marofke
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